La Luna Del Casale

Wines and Oils of excellence, expression of the Territory of the Colli Lanuvini

Territory Tells

La Luna del Casale

Biological Farm

Our products are all organically grown:  the wine from the low yielding Lanuvian Hills, is of the highest quality and reflects the particular characteristics of the land. The extra virgin olive oil is made from hand-picked olives and cold pressed. You will receive a warm welcome on your visits to celebrate the beauty and fruits of this Territory with us.

Luna (Moon), for the ancient Latin people, was the goddess of the celestial body that lights the night, and, through its phases, punctuates the rhythm of fertility of women and harvests.
The Moon, that shines quiet and aware over our lands, along with us takes care of the vines and the olive trees from which we breed oils and wines that have the excellence of passion.

Feet on the Earth, head in the Sky.

LA LUNA DEL CASALE® is a family business: inside it there’s my care, a young and well-known oenologist’s talent, my husband’s support, the joyful smile of my children (who sometimes decorate the casks with coloured chalks!), but, most of all, a deeply suitable Territory (the Colli Lanuvini – the hills around Lanuvio), that we go along with by natural processes, a look at organic farming and very low yields. For this reason, our Customers know they can rely on us, from the vineyard to the bottle.
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LA LUNA DEL CASALE : in evidenza, dalle nostre news…

Dear friends, For well-known reasons, we have been forced to reshape all our most cherished habits, our activities, our daily lives and our passions. With the arrival of Easter, which this year will certainly not be the best ever celebrated, we at La Luna Del Casale have thought of coming to meet you and staying per saperne di più…

LA LUNA DEL CASALE : The hills, the passion, the people.

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