La Luna Del Casale

Wines and Oils of excellence, expression of the Territory of the Colli Lanuvini

About Us

The hills, the passion, the people

Feet on the Earth, head in the Sky.

LA LUNA DEL CASALE, told by Nicoleta Sirbu

Nature and naturalness were always able to move me; I regard the opportunity of living and working in touch with the Earth, that makes up for each effort in proportion to the love with which it is made, as a great gift.

Still (and the name of our firm testifies it), in life and work I often turn my eyes toward the Sky, daily trying to improve the results, that is the Quality of our products.

LA LUNA DEL CASALE® is a family business: inside it there’s my care, a young and well-known oenologist’s talent, my husband’s support, the joyful smile of my children (who sometimes decorate the casks with coloured chalks!), but, most of all, a deeply suitable Territory (the Colli Lanuvini – the hills around Lanuvio), that we go along with by natural processes, a look at organic farming and very low yields. For this reason, our Customers know they can rely on us, from the vineyard to the bottle.

The passion I put into this adventure – to product wines and oils of very high quality, with verified methods and without compromises – is really driven by the Colli Lanuvini.
In this website you find many information about our products and the land they come from. You can admire their colours.

To breathe their smell and to enjoy their taste, come and visit us.
We — along with the wines of the Colli Lanuvini — wait for you.

Nicoleta Sirbu, patronne de LA LUNA DEL CASALE

LA LUNA DEL CASALE : The hills, the passion, the people.