La Luna Del Casale

Wines and Oils of excellence, expression of the Territory of the Colli Lanuvini

Lunario – DOP Superior Lanuvian Hills

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Dop Superior Lanuvian Hills

A glass of Lunario is a whole of sensations, odours and tastes that we recognize and that lead us to our times, to our places.

Produced from vines of Malvasia Puntinata, Candia, Trebbiano and small quantities of Bellone. The flower must obtained from the first soft pressing ferments at a controlled temperature to preserve freshness and aromas. The fine wine obtained is characterized by a straw yellow color, a delicate and fruity aroma, and a harmonious and velvety taste. It is advisable to accompany white meat and fish at a serving temperature of 8-10 ºC.

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