La Luna Del Casale

Wines and Oils of excellence, expression of the Territory of the Colli Lanuvini

Wine Tourism

a destination, for all five senses

LA LUNA DEL CASALE: discovering the Lanuvian Hills

The Land, the wine, the oil are a direct, daily experience The Latians, in their wisdom regarded the Land as a living being, the genius loci, with a soul of its own. This is why we are enthusiastic members of the Movement for Wine Tourism and want you to share our experience.

Tasting excellent wines and oil where they originated makes all the difference in the world and helps us appreciate their particular qualities as we come into contact with the creative process and the people that produced them.

In the vineyard, in the olive grove and in the wine cellar.

We, along with the genius loci, the wine and the oil, are waiting for you, arms open!
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